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Invertebrate Medicine at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic

Invertebrates have become increasingly popular both as pets and as display animals both aquatic and terrestrial. They are being increasingly presented to us for treatment. Invertebrates represent by far the largest group of animals on earth. The species that we most commonly seen are also widely diverse.

Those caring for invertebrates should have some background knowledge of the particular species natural history. In many species there is relatively little information available on their captive care. Their are natural environment and diet should be mimicked as much as possible

Keepers are encouraged to maintain records and feeding, husbandry and ecdysis (if applicable). Food items should be of the highest nutritional quality. Routine cleaning of the environment is important. Quarantine new acquisitions for at least four weeks to prevent the introduction of parasites or any other diseases. Ideally, any animal that dies should have an autopsy. Contact the practice on 0161 881 6868 for advice.

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