Referrals in all aspects of medicine

Referrals for Rats and mice

Our team at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic are very experienced in dealing with complex surgical and medical cases. We have the necessary equipment, drugs and specialised staff to diagnose and treat conditions in rats. The average rat is 1/10 the size of the average cat but with appropriate equipment that is not a problem. When critically ill, 24-hour monitoring is essential  as smaller animals deteriorate much more rapidly than larger animals.

The diseases and disorders of rats and mice are very well understood, as they are widely studied as models of human diseases, so the information is available to provide the same level of care for them with the appropriate facilities.

A referral / second opinion consultation can be arranged by the referring veterinary practice or directly by the client.
1. Contact our reception team
2. They will arrange an appointment with the appropriate clinician.
3. Reception will then obtain the patient’s medical records and let the clinician know in advance, so the medical history can be read and any additional preparation can be made.

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