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Chronic Respiratory Disease testing in Rats

Chronic respiratory disease in rats is very common. In most cases it is multifactorial. Mycoplasma is commonly blamed however there is a long list of microbes that can cause respiratory disease in rats and confirmation is often needed to guide treatment choice, length of treatment, treatment expectations and to help determine the prognosis.
The respiratory pathogen screen we offer tests for the 5 conditions which are listed below. These are the most common diseases causing chronic respiratory disease in rats.

  • Sendai virus
  • Mycoplasma pulmonis.
  • Cilia associated respiratory bacillus¬†
  • Pneumonia virus of mice
  • Pneumocystis carinii

Cost of the screen includes collection of the sample, processing and reporting the results. Please ring reception for the current costs. Where clubs have joined together providing bigger numbers of individuals for screening we have in the past been able to negotiate discounts on the cost from the laboratory.

Coordinate with a qualified Veterinary Surgeon for:

  • Interpretation of the results
  • Implications of the test results
  • Formulate a plan of action

If you wish to have a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss the results to develop a plan of action, then we would need:

  • Husbandry information
  • Social history, information on the newest introductions and any contact with other species
  • Medical history of your animals before the consultation.

Other names sometimes used for chronic respiratory disease in rats, CRD, The Snuffles and Murine respiratory mycoplasmosis, (MRM)

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