Raccoons are very inquisitive animals that are becoming increasingly popular as pets. Compared with other similar species they have unique adaptations and behaviours associated with their lifestyle in the wild. It is these unique adaptations and behaviours that lead to many of their medical problems. The common raccoon from North America is the most commonly kept species that we see.


  Vital Statistics
Life span 15–20 years
Adult size 20–40 inches (50–100cm) with tail
Body weight 30–49 lbs (4–14 kg)


We would strongly recommend to owners that a preventative medicine is formulated specific to their animal(s) and their husbandry conditions. This can be drawn up by us after a first health check. It should include a plan for

  • Vaccination
  • Worms treatment/prevention
  • External parasite treatment
  • Dietary plan
  • Housing
  • Social groupings
  • Reproductive plan

Because of their dexterous fingers, raccoons are agile climbers and are able to open latches and turn doorknobs to escape.


Raccoons are very intelligent and need to be kept occupied when awake.


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