We have an in-house laboratory where we can run a wide variety of diagnostic tests.


Emergency cases often require rapid diagnostic blood tests. Most commonly these are  biochemistry, haematology and electrolytes.


Cytology is also a very useful test. Samples are easily obtained. Usually with just a prod of a needle. It can inform us if we are dealing with inflammation, infection, a cystic structure or is it a form of cancer. Very often cytology will give us additional very useful information. For example if its cancer cytology often can reveal what type and the degree of malignancy allowing us to make the best clinical decisions for the patient.


Our laboratory also runs a range of other diagnostic tests.


  • Parasitology.
  • Urine analysis
  • Water quality
  • Serology
  • Disease identification via serology
  • Skin tests.


We also send samples for testing to a range of other diagnostic laboratories. In these cases results will take longer.


Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is very useful diagnostic tool in the rabbit medicine, having the ability to see images of the structure of internal organs. It does not cause any pain and a good proportion of rabbits can have an ultrasound without any sedation. However the fur has to be shaved over the area where the probe will be positioned.



Our most common use of endoscopy in the rabbit is the investigation of “chronic snuffles” that is chronic upper airway disease. Using a very small endoscope allows us to look inside the nasal cavities to actually see what is happening. It is essential in many of these cases. Chronic snuffles can be caused by infection, foreign body, abscess, deformity or cancer.

Endoscopy in rabbits is also used in the larynx, trachea, lungs, ears, sinuses, gastrointestinal tract and into the bladder.



X-rays are very important in the investigation of bone problems, middle ear disease, heart and lung disease, urinary tract disease and also disease of the structures in the abdominal cavity.

All our x-rays are digital and in the DICOM format which allows optimisation of the image for diagnostic purposes. We are able to provide jpeg versions for clients who would like to have a copy of their animal’s x-ray at home.

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