General health checks and preventative health care

General health checks and preventative health care

Guinea pigs are intelligent and quiet animals. They are not aggressive, preferring to flee in the face of danger rather than bite or scratch. Because guinea pigs are social animals, they are happiest when kept in pairs or trios rather that singly. Kept as a solitary animal, they often form a close bond with  their owner, greeting him/her with chirps, purrs, squeaks or whistles. Due to their quiet nature illness is not noticed making regular health checks important. Many other animal species are seen every 12 months for vaccines when they will have a health check.

A health check for guinea pigs will include a complete physical examination, dental exam, evaluation of husbandry and diet and an eye and ear exam.

If bringing a guinea pig in for a consultation or if coming in for a procedure then it is always a good plan for them to travel with their companion. Also if they have to stay then they will appreciate having their friend staying to give them moral support.

There are no vaccines available for guinea pigs and then do not have parasitic worms.

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