Fossa Binturong Civet and Genet

The Viverridae is a family of small to medium-sized mammals, the viverrids , comprising 15 genera, which are subdivided into 38 species. Genets are the most common members of this family that we see.


Vital Statistics
Life span 12–20 years in captivity
Adult size
Head and body: 16.5–23.0 in (42–58 cm) Tail: 15–21 in (39–53 cm)
2.2–6.6 lb (1–3 kg)



  • Family Viverridae, Subfamily Viverrinae, Genus Genetta, 3 subgenera, up to 17 recognized species.
  • The common, small-spotted or European genet (G. genetta) and the large-spotted, blotched, caped or South African genet (G. tigrina) are the most common species that we see.


  • Genets are long-bodied, short-legged carnivores with pointed snouts and large rounded ears.
  • They have a dense hair coat of variable coloration (gray to yellow with rows of brown or black spots) and a very long banded tail. Melanistic individuals are not uncommon.
  • Genets have a prominent dorsal crest of hair that they can erect when frightened.
  • They have 2 pair of mammae and 40 teeth (I 3/3, C 1/1, PM 4/4, M 2/2).
  • They have 5 digits on both front and hind feet with wellfurred soles and partially retractable claws.


We would strongly recommend to owners that a preventative medicine is formulated specific to their animal(s) and their husbandry conditions. This can be drawn up by us after a first health check. It should include a plan for

  • Vaccination
  • Worms treatment/prevention
  • External parasite treatment
  • Dietary plan
  • Housing
  • Social groupings
  • Reproductive plan
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