General health checks and preventative health care

General health checks and preventative health care

Ferrets are very playful and curious pets that require a lot of attention from their owners. Domestic ferrets are very intelligent are better kept in groups of two or more. They sleep a lot and are naturally more active at dawn and dusk.

Ferrets should have a yearly health check. This would include a complete physical examination, dental exam, evaluation of husbandry and diet and an eye and ear exam. We will also review their preventative medicine plan.

Ferrets are very susceptible to canine distemper. They should be vaccinated against canine distemper and the current recommendation is for a yearly booster based on the epidemiology of some large outbreaks of this disease.

Ferrets can also be vaccinated against rabies but this is only needed if they are travelling abroad.

Ferrets do not need routine worming. Internal worms are very rare. The only external parasite seen commonly is the ear mite. Occasional fleas are seen when they live with a dog or a cat. Routine flea treatment should not be necessary.

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