Transport to the surgery information

This is similar to transporting fish to a show but there are significant differences. Poorly fish will foul their water more quickly so should be transported in more water. Half fill a strong plastic bag with pond or aquarium water, enough for the fish to swim upright and turn around. Then fill with air (enriched with oxygen if available), double bag and place in an insulated box to prevent temperature fluctuation. A cool box or a polystyrene box would be ideal.
A second bag containing an equal volume of pond water, which is also double bagged and insulated should be brought to the clinic to serve as recovery water if the fish is sedated or anaesthetised. It is also often also required for water testing.
Addition of a low dose of an appropriate sedative to the water may help reduce stress but it can influences the findings of a clinical examination and would make external parasites more difficult to find. Therefore we only recommend this if discussed beforehand on the phone.

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