Fish surgery page

With improved diagnostic techniques problems that require surgery are increasingly being diagnosed. Most surgical procedures that we perform on fish are minor procedures for example, removing skin cancers, dealing with skin wounds or ocular surgery. We have an increasing number of cases where we perform surgery inside the body cavity. The most common reason is to remove a cancer from inside the body. These cases will have had the cancer identified beforehand to confirm that the surgery can be successful.

As in all other animals, a balanced anaesthetic with an effective pain control plan is essential for success. It has been shown the healing and recovery occurs much quicker when there is good pain control.

Many of the same surgical instruments used for surgery in mammals are also used in fish. Micro surgical techniques and radiosurgery are both invaluable in fish surgery, especially when the operation is inside the body cavity.

During anaesthesia the fish is monitored closely using pulse oximetry and the doppler pencil probe.

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