Preventative medicine




The aim of a preventative health care plan is to maximise welfare and prevent avoidable disease.

Correct nutrition and good husbandry are essential prerequisites for preventative health care. Vaccination and parasite control are also important aspects of health care plans.


A health plan should consider the following areas:


  1. Housing
  2. Outdoor ranges
  3. Feeding and water
  4. Flock behaviour
  5. Procedures for introducing new stock
  6. Hygiene practices
  7. External disease risks
  8. Identification of health issues


When formulating a preventative medicine health plan we advise poultry keepers

1. Where these measures require a one-off action, a target dead line for completion should be proposed.

2. Regular measures, such as cleaning and disinfection,  a routine with daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal jobs should be drawn up.

3. A target date should be set for review of the health plan. The time interval between reviews will vary according to the needs of the flock, but a suggestion of an initial six month health plan reviews accompanied by a site visit would be appropriate in many cases. This would then be followed by a yearly review.

Plans vary widely depending on the needs of the flock.

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