Veterinary surgeons at the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic are at the forefront of providing the best medicine for individual and small flocks of poultry.

Traditional poultry medicine was geared towards treating large commercial flocks but now with the popularity of backyard poultry the treatment of individual birds with non infectious conditions and also age related conditions has become a separate specialism. This is closer to the veterinary treatment of parrots and birds of prey that the commercial flock medicine taught in veterinary schools.

There is very little published information on the individual medicine of chickens in particular but Aidan is currently co-authoring the forthcoming BSAVA Manual of Poultry Medicine with anotherĀ  veterinary surgeon Guy Poland. They were approached by the British Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon to author this book due to the demand for treatment and the paucity of information available to the averageĀ  veterinary surgeon. They have recruited an international team of writers and Aidan has written or co written 5 of the 26 chapters.


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